Thorsten Heyer
Chartering Hamburg


Thorsten Heyer Chartering (THC Hamburg) is mainly acting as broker for commodity traders.

THC Hamburg is a charterer minded broker house.
Looking after the interest of his trading clients.
Taking care about the Charter Party clauses.
Each product as well as trading area requires special care.

THC Hamburg is moving all kinds of agriculture products including
organic products for his clients as well as minerals and oil products.

The network includes good connections to various traders,
commodity brokers as well as to various ship owners.

The trading range covers cargo sizes from 1.000 to 70.000 tons lots.
The trading areas are Europe including Russian inland waterways,
South America and the Middle East incl. Arabian Gulf countries.


In the port of Hamburg, we act as ship agent for all kinds of bulk cargoes.

Through our network, we are able to offer cargo inspection, hold sealing,
cargo fumigation as well as all other kinds of services on request.

At all other German ports, we have close contacts to local agencies, which we can recommend to our clients.

3rd Party Claims – Support

For our clients who are not getting involved in chartering (Buying CIF selling FOB),
we offer our claim service. With our experience of nearly 40 years, we can look after your claims.
We check your shipping claims on your behalf.

We check if they are in conformity with your Charter Party or other contract forms like GAFTA.
In addition, we issue despatch / demurrage calculations on your behalf in accordance with the
Charter Party or GAFTA terms our other contract forms.

On behalf of our clients, we operate their time charter tonnage. We do on/off hire statements –
voyage orders – bunker supply – agency nomination – bunker and speed claims – et cetera.

In the past we have been acting as super cargo for our clients at various places
in northern Europe as well as Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.


Thorsten Heyer Chartering e.K. (THC Hamburg) was founded in April 1996.
Before THC Hamburg was found, Mr. Heyer worked for more than 15 years as a broker at Petromar Hamburg.

His shipping experience goes back to 1976 when he started as a trainee with Transnautic Hamburg. He finished his apprenticeship with Messrs. C.F.Ahrenkiel 1979 in Hamburg. Afterwards he worked abroad for Messrs. Glander International in New York and London as well as for Sunoco Philadelphia.

From November 2003 until April 2008 Mr. Heyer assisted the management of NSC Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Hamburg as consultant for their chartering matters during their startup period.

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